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Sanitas Skincare, Beta Clarifying Cleanser 120 ML

Beta Clarifying Cleanser (Formally named Salicylic Herbal Cleanser) is an active cleanser formulated with Beta Acid to exfoliate skin, unclog pores, reduce breakouts and help even blotchy skin tone. Beta Clarifying Cleanser also contains medicinal doses of anti-bacterial botanicals: Sage, Rosemary, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender, Ginger, and Fir. With regular use, the appearance of pores is minimized, redness is reduced and skin will appear smoother and clearer..

‰ۢ Soap-free cleanser designed to fight breakout-prone, blotchy, uneven skin
‰ۢ Salicylic Acid dissolves sebum, exfoliates skin
‰ۢ Anti-bacterial properties help eliminate blemish-causing bacteria
‰ۢLavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils soothe, soften and heal

Ingredients:Salicylic Acid: Dissolves sebum, antibacterial, stimulates, and exfoliates
Tea Tree Oil: Medicinal, fights acne-causing bacterial
Fir Needle Oil: Antiseptic
Ginger oil: Circulatory stimulant, antiseptic
Sage Oil: Medicinal, antiseptic
Lavender: Soothes Skin
Chlorophyll: Antioxidant, heals
Niacinamide: B vitamin reduces discoloration from prior breakouts, smooth texture and relieve redness

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Category: Moisturizers, Skin Care

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